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Why Grow Eucalyptus Trees?

Eucalyptus have numerous practical & decorative uses as ornamental specimens, screening, hedging, floristry & firewood. Discover what Gum Trees could do for you!

Species Information

There are around 40 species of Eucalyptus which are hardy enough to be grown in Europe and the UK. Find out information about these trees here.

Our Trees

More about our trees. How we grow them and why you should choose Kings Barn Trees for your Eucalyptus!

Planting A Gum Tree

A guide to planting Eucalyptus Trees. General tips and advice on where, when and how to do it.


Looking after your tree in its first year with you and beyond. Potenital problems and troubleshooting.

Where To Buy Eucalyptus Trees?

We run our own independant Nursery specialising in Eucalyptus Trees. Browse our nursery website to see what's on offer!

How To Choose?

With so many species to choose from it can get confusing. We've broken our species list down into categories to help decide which tree would best suit your needs.

Nursery Blog

Our blog pages are updated regularly with all the latest news from our nursery plus articles from our nursery staff.

Buying a Healthy Tree

Advice and guidance on what you should look for when purchasing a Eucalyptus Gum Tree & what you should avoid.

Where & What Size?

A general guide on where Eucalyptus Trees can (and cannot) be planted and what size tree you can start out with.

History & Origins

Read about the origins of the Eucalyptus Tree and how it cames half way across the world to be grown in Europe and the UK today.