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About Our Trees

Kings Barn Trees is an independent UK nursery specialising in Eucalyptus Trees. We grow over 35 hardy species from seed on-site.

The Importance Of Seed Provenance

The provenance of a seed refers to the location of parent tree that the seed was collected from. This will determine the environment the seedling tree can grow in. I.e. A seed collected from a tree growing in a cold area will produce offspring capable of surviving the same cold. The vast majority of Eucalyptus species are not hardy enough to grow in the UK, only those wild trees found at high altitudes in Australia can provide seed that will survive here.

We import our seed from reputable suppliers in Australia and New Zealand who collect seed from trees growing at the highest altitudes (meaning the lowest temperature).

Our Growing Methods

Unlike most nurseries who buy in small plants and sell them on, we grow all of our own stock from seed.

Our imported seed is stratified in late-winter ready to be sown in early-spring. We use 100% Peat Free Compost for all our trees and they are inoculated with Mycorrhizal Fungi to aid with strong early development and healthy growth later in life.

As the seedlings grow bigger they are pricked out and potted on as needed. Within a few months their rootballs are strong enough to handle and they are ready to be sold at our smallest size ‘Planting Stock’.

We pot on the strongest seedlings into Air-Pots. These pots have cuspated walls (like egg boxes) with holes all around meaning the roots are kept pruned, promoting a fibrous root system. This means our trees are prevented from the roots spiralling within the pot and becoming pot bound.

The Importance Of Not Staking

We see quite a few Eucalyptus Trees in nurseries and garden centres with the trunks tightly strapped to canes. These trunks are tall and straight but very thin and weak – as soon as you take the can away the tree flops right over and there is no recovery from this.

Eucalyptus can become very reliant on stakes. This does mean that our trees don’t necessarily have perfectly vertical trunks but they are thick and strong enough to stand up straight on their own.

We also encourage people not to automatically stake when planting out Eucalyptus. We appreciate remidial help is sometimes required to correct or assist a tree, so short term loose ties can be used with regular checking.