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Why Grow Eucalyptus Gum Trees?

There are so many reasons to grow these fantastic trees. Here we can only skim the surface of the potential and benefits that these trees could bring you.

One of the biggest factors of why people choose to grow Eucalyptus is the simple fact that they are an evergreen tree. There aren’t too many trees that have broad-leaved and keep their leaves throughout the winter. But even if they were deciduous trees, there would still be plenty enough reasons to grow them. Another major feature of these trees is their simple uniqueness and beauty. What other plant can provide you with long, fluttering silver-blue leaves, long strips of peeling pink bark falling down to reveal the shining ivory-white of the fresh trunk underneath AND all this coupled with an amazing fresh menthol scent! With characteristics like that, these trees sell themselves!

If you did need any more persuading, we can tell you that the Eucalyptus has a remarkable number of different species within the genus, a whopping 894 different species in fact! This means that they come in all manner of shapes and sizes – so you’d always be bound to find one that suited your needs. Whether it’s a small shrubby plant for you to take cuttings for flower arranging, a specimen tree to show off in your garden, an evergreen hedge, an indoor potted plant, an outdoor potted plant, a fast growing tree to provide you with firewood or an absolute giant to screen out the pylon next door – there’s a Eucalyptus for you.

To whet your appetite even further we’ve put together a gallery of photos showing the many different qualities and ways Eucalyptus Gum Trees can be used. Browse and enjoy!