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Eucalyptus vernicosa - Varnished Gum

An unusual Eucalyptus that is a dwarf shrub rather than a tree being unlikely to grow taller than 1 metre. It can also be grown indoors as it doesn't need much moisture or a very fertile soil and tolerates acid soils. The glossy dark green leaves give the plant its name.

As these are small slow growing plants the planting stock and 9 Litre Air-Pots are correspondingly smaller when compared to other Eucalypts. The Planting stock plants are around 10-15cm tall and the 9 litre Air-Pots plants 10-60cm high.

Mature Height: 1m
Rate of Growth: Slow up to 30cm per year
Hardiness: ** -10 to -15°C
Soil: Acid Tolerant
Position: Good for small spaces, Wind Tolerant
Special Interest: Low Formal Hedges, Can be Container Grown

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