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Eucalyptus rubida ssp rubida - Candle Bark Gum

This tree gets its name from the peeling ribbons of bark around the base of the tree which droop to look like a dripping wax candle and the variation in the leaf colours make this a decorative tree. It's fast growing and will actually thrive in low fertile, acid soils.

This species also tolerates coppicing and can form a decorative evergreen hedge.

Mature Height: Up to 20m
Rate of Growth: 1-1.5m per year
Hardiness: ** -10 to -15°C
Soil: Dry Tolerant
Position: Wind Tolerant
Growth Habit: Dense foliage, straight and compact.
Leaves: Young leaves can be rounded and blue-green, adult leaves are long blades and range from glossy green to grey-green.
Bark: The bark is white, red and brown bark colours shedding in ribbons.
Special Interest: Ornamental Specimen

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