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Eucalyptus nitens - Shining Gum

A favourite amongst our staff. Grow this variety as an ornamental tree for its shining bark and bright blue-green leaves or for biomass for it's vigorous growth rate and coppicing potential. Unchecked this tree will grow fast and up to 70m high, so make sure it has room to grow!

Not the hardiest of Eucalyptus but are known to recover from winter damage.

Mature Height: Up to 70m
Rate of Growth: Fast 1.5-2m per year
Hardiness: * -5 to -10°C
Soil: Neutral
Position: Sheltered, Sunny Postion
Growth Habit: Tall and straight, dense foliage all the way down.
Leaves: Young leaves are broad silvery green-blue, mature leaves are long, thin, sickle shaped and dark green. Mature trees have a mix of young and mature leaves.
Bark: Smooth silver-grey to green-grey with patches of white, cream or pale brown
Special Interest: Ornamental Specimen, Biomass

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