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Eucalyptus cordata - Heart Leaved Silver Gum

Tree or multi-stemmed shrub with glaucous young growth. Lime tolerant and can be densely planted to provide a very effective windbreak. This is a very wind tolerant tree, good for coastal areas.

Also used as an ornamental tree for its leaves and profusion of white flowers in late Summer.

Mature Height: Up to 20m
Rate of Growth: 1-1.5m per year
Hardiness: ** -10 to -15°C
Soil: Wet Tolerent, Acid Tolerant
Position: Wind, Exposure & Salt Tolerant
Growth Habit: Strong dense growth.
Leaves: Glaucous heart-shaped blue-grey leaves
Bark: Smooth bark, coloured greenish yellow or white.
Special Interest: Ornamental Specimen, Windbreak

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